Could This Be The Greatest Christmas Ad Ever?

As the song goes, the real meaning of Christmas is the giving of love everyday. I guess that's why this commercial resonates so much. There's no product displayed. The only message is giving. Only at the very end do we see the British merchant Marks & Spencer's logo displayed. In this...
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Joe's Blog: Week 1 Fun With Tonya

Week 1 is almost in the books with Tonya doing the traffic on KyXy! She's doing a great job! Here's some videos we took during the week. As you can see we work very hard.
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VOTE: Who Wears The Workday Payday Suit Better??

77% (67 votes)
16% (14 votes)
7% (6 votes)
Total votes: 87
We had a Walk-Off today, to celebrate the Workday Payday! So, here's the question: Who wears the Workday Payday Money Suit better? Joe Rosati, Dorothy Tran or Marvin? Check out the video, then vote below! And don’t forget to listen for that code word on the :10s from 9:10a-5:10p for your chance at...
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's Cat Videos Are Everything

We love cat videos, and we especially love Taylor Swift cat videos. The artist has two adorable Scottish Folds with very different personalities. In T-Swift's latest home movie she demonstrates the two different kinds of ways to relax. By the way, no relaxing methods are discriminated against in...
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Joe's Blog: Dino Speaks To Me!

My dog Dino. He's amazing.
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WATCH: New Maroon 5 Video is Here

The new Maroon 5 video just dropped...and here it is. Check out "Wait" below... Video of Maroon 5 - Wait
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