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Kyxy's New Lineup!!

I've moved to middays
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Sherry Knight, husband afraid of nutcrackers

Sherry's Blog: My husbands coworkers exposed his phobia

My husband just celebrated his birthday and one of his coworkers(very good family friend too)knows what he is afraid of. She along with another coworker decided to surprise him at work today. I'm of course enjoying this and want to thank Joe Little for doing this video.
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25th Annual Pacific Islander Festival

Join KyXy's Sherry Knight when she hosts the 25th Annual Pacific Islander Festival at Ski Beach on Mission Bay, Saturday and Sunday, September 21st and 22nd. The Pacific Islander Festival is a celebration of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesian culture with food, music, and crafts! This is a free...
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Sherry's Daughter Got The Football At The Chargers/Saints Game!

My husband and daughter Kera went to the Chargers/Saints game in LA last Saturday. My husband is from New Orleans and has been a Saints fan his whole life, and Kera has become one as well. They have been looking forward to this game for months, and Kera even bought a shirt for her Dad that has a...
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End of the School Year for Sherry Knight

I am not only a DJ on KyXy, I am also a kindergarten teacher. This past Friday was the last day of school. My summer has begun, and like many teachers, I am both happy and sad. I am happy because I get a break, and sad because I will miss the class I just had. One of the reasons why I love teaching...
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Sherry Knight Shares her Classroom for Teacher Appreciation Week!

In honor of Teacher's Appreciation Week, I thought I would give you a look into my classroom. I have been in radio for over 20 years now and every day I look forward to being on the radio. I am hopefully making someone's day by playing their favorite song, giving them a chance to win something and/...
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Sherry's Blog: I Took My Daughter to see 'Hamilton'

My daughter Alexis has been obsessed with "Hamilton" for three years.
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