Road Trip

Americans Expected To Take 700 Million Trips This Summer Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As coronavirus restrictions ease, more Americans are looking to travel, and to do so sooner rather than later. This summer, AAA forecasts Americans will take 700 million trips based on economic indicators and state re-openings. Read more now.
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Rob and Joss: Relationship Report Card, Rob's Nasty Car Ride

Rob and Joss went on a car trip to see Joss' parents (Rob's inlaws!) Rob did something NASTY in the car BOTH ways! This affected his grade in the "Relationship Report Card" where Rob and Joss give each other a grade on their weekend!
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Joe's Blog: Six Of The Top 10 Amusement Parks Are In The USA

TripAdvisor came up with a list of the top amusement parks in the world. Six of the top 10 are right here in the US and three of the top 5 are in Orlando alone. Road trip!!! Who's coming?! 1. Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando. 2. Disney's Magic Kingdom, Orlando. 3. Le Puy du Fou, a, quote...
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