Yelling At Dogs Can Cause Them Long-Term Trauma, Study Says

Losing your cool when training your pup is not only mean, but it can also affect your pet. A distressing new study asserts that screaming at your dog and other types of negative reinforcement can leave lasting adverse effects on their mental health, reported People . Yelling at Dogs Has Negative,...
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Tips to Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween may be scary fun for people, but it can be just plain scary for pets. And not only that. It can actually be dangerous. Between unfamiliar noises including strangers coming to the door, even the most chilled out of animals can become frightened and behave atypically. In fact, both...
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Forget Psychiatrists. Consult Your Dog.

Forget psychiatrists. Dogs will help your mental health. From studies by Wag!, a dog-walking app, when we need our spirits lifted, 44 percent of people would rather turn to their dog for emotional support than talk about their feelings with a family member. Dogs also appear to be the center of...
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's Cat Videos Are Everything

We love cat videos, and we especially love Taylor Swift cat videos. The artist has two adorable Scottish Folds with very different personalities. In T-Swift's latest home movie she demonstrates the two different kinds of ways to relax. By the way, no relaxing methods are discriminated against in...
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Dog food recall

Dog Food Recall After Euthanasia Drug Found in Food Samples

The lab tested 15 cans of Gravy Train, 60 percent of the cans tested positive for the drug.
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Joe's Blog: Dino Speaks To Me!

My dog Dino. He's amazing.
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FDA Warns Against Store-Bought Bone Treats After Dog Illness and Death

Approximately 15 dogs have reportedly died after eating a bone treat.
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