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Happy Half-Birthday To You!

Happy half-birthday, you! The KyXy 96.5 crew have a special HALF-Birthday message for you! Thanks for being a loyal listener and a KyXy Club email member! We hope you have twice the fun on your half birthday!
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Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday to YOU, loyal listener and KyXy Club member extraordinaire! To show you how much we truly appreciate you, we assembled the whole gang to sing you a little happy birthday ballad. WARNING: Just because our DJs play music on the radio, doesn't mean they can MAKE music come out of their...
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Join The KyXy 96.5 Club

Want to stay up-to-date on weekly contests, station events, and exciting pop-culture news? Join the KyXy Club! We won't spam you, we'll just send you a weekly email with all our contests, events and pop-culture happenings!
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