Joe Rosati

Joe's Blog: Our Power Outage

Yesterday we had a power outage. It affected Linda Vista where the KyXy studio is, also Clairemont and Mission Valley. Our building went completely dead and after about 15-20 minutes KyXy came back on the air. We ran on a generator for the rest of the day. Here's some video footage of what it...
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Joe's Blog: Why I Don't Do The Traffic Anymore

Here's the inside scoop on why Tonya was hired to do the traffic and why I don't do it anymore.
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Joe's Blog: Rosati Disneyland Adventure

Over the weekend we went to Disneyland for my wife's birthday. We thought that there wouldn't be any crowds due to the rain. We were wrong. LOL. I think everyone else had the same idea as us. It wasn't horrible but I thought it would have been lighter. We did get to go on stuff that usually has a...
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Joe's Blog: Week 1 Fun With Tonya

Week 1 is almost in the books with Tonya doing the traffic on KyXy! She's doing a great job! Here's some videos we took during the week. As you can see we work very hard.
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Joe's Blog: Best And Worst States For Women Ranked

Let's See How California Ranked
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VOTE: Who Wears The Workday Payday Suit Better??

77% (67 votes)
16% (14 votes)
7% (6 votes)
Total votes: 87
We had a Walk-Off today, to celebrate the Workday Payday! So, here's the question: Who wears the Workday Payday Money Suit better? Joe Rosati, Dorothy Tran or Marvin? Check out the video, then vote below! And don’t forget to listen for that code word on the :10s from 9:10a-5:10p for your chance at...
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Joe's Blog: My Ice Skating Star

She Was Great! Watch Out Olympics!
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Joe's Blog: How To Record Stereo In The iPhone

I Found This Work-Around With The iPhone
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Joe's Blog: I Need Fashion Help

Please Help Me Figure This Out
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Joe's Blog: Wrestler With No Legs

This Is So Inspirational
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