Joe Rosati

Joe's Blog: Trying To Choose A New Profile Pic... HELP!

Lots Of Joey Goodness
33% (11 votes)
Crazy Old Lady
30% (10 votes)
Creepy Clown
18% (6 votes)
Nothing But Teeth
18% (6 votes)
Total votes: 33
Looking to change my profile pic on Facebook but can't decide. What do you think? Crazy Old Lady Lots of Joey goodness Creepy Clown Nothing But Teeth .
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Joe's Blog: Week 4 Fun With Tonya

Another week down and we did it in our new studio!!!! Here's what happened (and yes, I still love watching Maury!):
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Joe's Blog: Rosati Easter Adventure

Hope you had a nice Easter weekend! We were busy in the Rosati house cooking up my mom's world famous sauce and meatballs and eating more chocolate than we could handle! I think at this point I'll turn into a cadbury egg at any moment. Here's some highlights from yesterday: Started the day at mass...
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Joe's Blog: Peeps Beer

Read this on 10News this morning. Peeps-flavored beer... really made me think about that. Over the last several years I've tried fruit flavored beer which is very good and I kicked myself for not trying it sooner, but peeps... I don't know. Would you give it a whirl? I used to love Peeps. Now? I'm...
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Joe's Blog: 1st Day In The New Studio Recap

It went ok! Not too bad at all! Only broke three things... kidding. LOL.
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Joe's Blog: Week 3 Fun With Tonya

Another week of craziness with Tonya as we spent the final days in the KyXy studio before heading to our new one.
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Joe's Blog: Top 100 Airports In The World... Where Did San Diego Place?

The Skytrax World Airport Awards came out with the top 100 airports in the world and I don't see ours on the list! What the heck?! I love small airports especially ours. I've flown in and out of Detroit, Newark and JFK and those airports are nuts. Super big, crowded, too much walking or you need to...
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Joe's Blog: The Pink Wig Is Back

Here's another video we made for the Workday Payday with the infamous pink wig! You're welcome for the visual! LOL! Good luck on trying to score the grand!
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Joe's Blog: Week 2 Fun With Tonya

We had a busy second week together. Everything from a power outage to Pi Day to St. Patrick's Day. Here's some videos from our studio adventures!
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Joe's Blog: Time Traveler Spinning Coaster

I thought I've seen it all until now. I'm ready to gas up the car and head to Branson, Missouri to ride this ! A spinning roller coaster!!! Video of Time Traveler Spinning Coaster On-Ride and Off-Ride POV Silver Dollar City
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