KyXy Halloween Contest

KyXy's Happy Halloween Pets

Upload a photo of your pet in their Halloween costume for your chance to win a trip to Catalina!
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Halloween mask

KyXy Quik Tip: For Your Kids' Trick Or Treating

keep your kids safe
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Rob and Joss: Joss Confesses to Her Old Friend Katie, Who She Stole Halloween Candy From

Back when she was 6, Joss went Trick-or-Treating with Katie and poor Katie got a hole in her Halloween bag. Piece by piece, the candy came out of the bag and piece by piece, Joss stole the candy. Joss has carried this guilt with her every Halloween for years. Rob tracked down Katie so that Joss...
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KyXy Quik Tip: For Halloween!

If your child was born on October 31, should you be concerned that he or she is cursed? It's the other way around. Being born on Halloween is actually considered very lucky. Anyone born on Halloween is said to have lifelong protection against evil spirits and will also be gifted with second sight.
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Do You Want To Take The Day After Halloween... Off?

Halloween is almost here, and if you’re like we are, Friday morning at work will be no picnic. That’s why I was happy to find a petition online to make the day after Halloween... a holiday! The petition’s backers say we're not much use at the office or at school on the day after Halloween, so why...
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6 Tips for Finding a Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Coming up with a last-minute costume is truly one of the most frightening things about Halloween. Panic mode can really set in once you realize even Amazon won’t be able to deliver that ubiquitous “Joker” costume in time. But fear not , there are still a few easy and affordable ways to pull off a...
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Halloween Bash @ Viejas Casino & Resort

Join us for the biggest Halloween party of the year, Halloween Bash @ Viejas Casino & Resort! Put on your best Halloween costume and come party with us as we’re giving away over $4,500 in prizes! Tickets are $10. Attendees must be 21+ with valid photo ID. Event will occur Rain or Shine. No...
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How To Make Your Pumpkin Look Good 'Til Halloween

Tips for keeping your pumpkin looking good: 1. Clean the inside thoroughly. Get the yucky stuff out. 2. Apply some petroleum jelly or oil. Putting Vaseline or vegetable oil on the carved edges will keep them moisturized and stop it from drying out. Keep away from flame. 3. Store it in the fridge...
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5 Green Halloween Decorations That Cut Down on the Plastic

Halloween is a ghoulishly fun holiday. People of all ages dress up in costumes, pass out treats, throw parties, and put up all kinds of decorations to celebrate the scariest night of the year. Unfortunately, Halloween is also filled with lots of harmful plastic items that can bog down landfills,...
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Pumpkins? Try Carving Pineapples This Halloween Season

Instead of carving a pumpkin this Halloween season, some folks are carving pineapples! Have you ever tried this? This is the only photo I have of last night which means I had way too much fun------✨---- #halloweek2k15 #themorningafter #HBDRocki #princessofpinterest #pineapplecarving #isurvived #...
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