Why It's Dangerous to Hold Your Phone While Running

If you’re the type of person who holds their phone while out for a jog, an expert claims you should stop it. The decision may make sense, but facts prove it may be a bad idea. Metro UK spoke with a running expert who warned people that this might lead to a shoulder or hip injury. UK Athletics...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Bod Update

A month ago I started the 60 Day Hardcore Fitness Challenge to get myself back in shape, not just for the wedding, but for my life in general. I'm not going to lie- it's been pretty hard to stay disciplined. Meal prepping, working out 2x a day, going to work, then getting all my stuff ready for the...
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Britney Spears says stage persona is 'healthy' way to combat shyness

By ALICIA RANCILIO , Associated Press If you thought the workout videos Britney Spears recently posted on social media looked grueling, the pop superstar confirms that they were — even if she and her trainer boyfriend made it look easy. Spears and Sam Asghari went through intricate movements,...
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