Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday

Dorothy Got Married! Take an Inside Look of Her Big Day!

I get it now when everyone says, "Take a moment to enjoy what's happening around you because your wedding day flies by." It totally did. I got married last Friday at the Marina Village and I truly had the best day ever! It started off with champagne in my hotel room as I was getting ready with my...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: See the Wedding Jewelry

23 days to go until I walk down the aisle!!! I can't believe that our wedding is almost here. We've been planning this for so long and I keep thinking I have time, but really I don't. I'm ready, but I'm not! The last week has been filled with meetings with all of my vendors and my wedding...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: The Bachelorette Party Pics

You guys, I had the best bachelorette party ever last weekend!!! I have four sisters and they did an amazing job planning the party. We went up to Santa Barbara and it was the perfect mix of relaxation & partying! It started off Friday at the spa where I had an amazing massage at Float Spa. It...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Bod Update

A month ago I started the 60 Day Hardcore Fitness Challenge to get myself back in shape, not just for the wedding, but for my life in general. I'm not going to lie- it's been pretty hard to stay disciplined. Meal prepping, working out 2x a day, going to work, then getting all my stuff ready for the...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: The Weight Loss Hasn't Been Going Well

A couple of months ago I posted about how I wanted to get back in shape for my wedding. I started doing workouts, and kiiiiiinda started eating healthier, but honestly I haven't been consistent with it. There were weeks that I'd be super good- going to the gym every day, eating right. Then there...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: Help Me Choose My Wedding Invite!

The one on the left!
59% (42 votes)
The one on the right!
42% (30 votes)
Total votes: 71
79 days to go!!! The wedding train is moving along, and now it's getting down to the details of things.... like the wedding invites! While I was looking around online at invites, I noticed how pricey they can be. It's kinda crazy how expensive everything wedding related is. Anyways, my future-...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: I Need a Videographer

The countdown is on for real! 86 days to go until our wedding and here's what I have locked in: -venue (Marina Village) -caterer ( Avian's House Catering ) -hair & make-up ( Beauty Collective Co. ) -photographer ( Michael Lawrence Photography ) -DJ (my boy Klifton!!) -florist ( Thanh Thuy...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: Our First Big Wedding Fight

In general, I'm a pretty chill person so whenever anybody told me that wedding planning was "super stressful" and "you will fight with your fiance," I didn't want to believe it. I was like, "Nah. That's not going to be me and Steven. We're really chill about things, and are really open with each...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: I'm Changing The Date and Venue

Yes, it's just a day.
93% (64 votes)
No way! It's bad luck.
7% (5 votes)
Total votes: 69
We are 3 months and 1 week away from our wedding date, and it's been a stressful last couple of weeks. Due to some unforseen circumstances Steven and I are changing our venue. We have a huge guest list (270 people to be exact) and we just found out there wasn't going to be any parking for our...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: Cake Tasting Part II at Twigg's

115 days until the wedding! Last week Steven and I went cake tasting at V.G. Donut and Bakery, and this week we tried Twigg's Bakery and Cafe in Normal Heights! The cakes at Twigg's were SOOOOOOO good! There were 3 flavors that stood out to us: Victorian Wedding Cake, Passionfruit, and Mexican...
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