valentines day dinner

KyXy Quik Tip: For Valentines Day!

Valentines day - getting close!
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KyXy Quik Tip: For Your Turkey Day!

Here’s an easy way to avoid overeating on Thanksgiving: Wear a tight-fitting outfit. This will make you less likely to overeat because it becomes too uncomfortable... yes, it just plain hurts!
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KyXy Quik Tip: For Thanksgiving!

Going to the relatives' house for Thanksgiving? It’s best to avoid topics like politics, religion or money (just avoid talking as much as you can). Nod, smile and fill your mouth with mashed potatoes so that when you’re asked a question, you can point to your mouth and shrug as if to say, “I can’t...
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Joe's Blog: Inside The New Legoland Castle Hotel

Sunday night we stayed at the new Legoland Castle Hotel and it was beyond awesome! You have to stay a night and experience it. The entertainment outside was pretty neat too. Plenty of space for the kids to play and for us parents to relax. Lots and lots of legos to build in your hotel room. Also,...
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Joe's Blog: Rosati Easter Adventure

Hope you had a nice Easter weekend! We were busy in the Rosati house cooking up my mom's world famous sauce and meatballs and eating more chocolate than we could handle! I think at this point I'll turn into a cadbury egg at any moment. Here's some highlights from yesterday: Started the day at mass...
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