cake tasting

Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: Cake Tasting Part II at Twigg's

115 days until the wedding! Last week Steven and I went cake tasting at V.G. Donut and Bakery, and this week we tried Twigg's Bakery and Cafe in Normal Heights! The cakes at Twigg's were SOOOOOOO good! There were 3 flavors that stood out to us: Victorian Wedding Cake, Passionfruit, and Mexican...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: Cake Tasting Part 1

We're exactly 4 months away to the wedding!!! I'm checking things off of my list, and one thing we still need to do is order a wedding cake. I heard so many good things about V.G. Donut and Bakery in Cardiff, so I had to check it out. We got a white cake with raspberry and Bavarian cream filling, a...
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