Tesla on Autopilot Crashes Into Police Car as Driver Watches Movie on Phone

A Tesla Model S slammed into a cop car on Wednesday night while the driver was preoccupied. The car was on autopilot and the driver was watching a movie on his phone when the accident occurred. Read more now.
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Joe's Blog: Bus Driver Gets Hit In The Face While Driving

This is insane! Watch this crazy video of a bus driver in China getting hit in the face with debris that crashed through the windshield! He still managed to control the bus and pull over safely.
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George Clooney "fine" after motorbike crash in Italy

ROME (AP) — Actor George Clooney was taken to the hospital in Sardinia and released after being involved in an accident while riding his motor scooter on the Italian island Tuesday, hospital officials said. "He is recovering at his home and will be fine," Clooney spokesman Stan Rosenfield told The...
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