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Poll: Dockless Bikes, Love em' or Hate em'?

Some neighborhoods are cracking down on dockless bikes.

By now you've surely seen them, the lime and yellow colored dockless bikes that have popped up all around the city, the latest in rideshare technology.

They're actually a pretty nifty ideal. Company's like Ofo or Limebike allow users to rent their bikes through a mobile app and then leave them, wherever, for the next user in the area to rent. 

People are using them to ride to work, school, and on neighborhood errands.

My friends and I like to ride to breweries around town, but after a couple of pints, the ride home feels less like a joyride and more like a torture exercise. Now we ride to the bar and Lyft home. How convenient and safe!

But more and more neighborhoods are taking issue with the bikes being left in public places and are finding ways to impound or remove the bikes. 

I'll admit, the last time I went to the convention center I saw clumps of Limebikes abandoned haphazardly on the lawn, some blocking the sidewalk. 

What are your thoughts on the dockless bikes? Convenient or just more clutter?

Abandoned dockless bikes are an eyesore
50% (1 vote)
Dockless bikes are awesome
50% (1 vote)
Total votes: 2