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Rob & Joss On Demand

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Rob & Joss On Demand

Amazon or Con

It's Day 2 of Amazon Prime Day! To celebrate, Rob and Joss play a couple of heated rounds of "Amazon or Con." Is it a real Amazon purchase? Or did Rob make it...
Rob & Joss On Demand

The Unintended Recipient

So you sent an important email or a personal text...then your blood drains when you sent it to the wrong person. Rob and Joss talk about the "...
Rob & Joss On Demand

Paul Paul or Paul Friday

It's Paul McCartney tomorrow night (June 22, 2019) at Petco Park! Does KyXy have your tickets! Yes! Do you have to do something goofy to get them? Yes! Alberto...
Rob & Joss On Demand

Paul Paul or Paul Thursday (1)

Paul McCartney is at Petco Park on June 22, 2019! That's this Saturday night. So, it's time for a heated game of "Paul, Paul or Paul," with Rob and Joss!
Rob & Joss On Demand

Robs Story About Kids

Rob was walking and working out around San Diego the other day and he heard two kids say two phrases that cracked him up. Joss, on the other hand, could relate...