Real Wives In Radio

Real Wives In Radio

Our podcast is about 2 radio personalities who've been in the game since they
were 19 years old. They've been through the ups and downs both professionally
and personally, and want to share it with listeners.

The podcast will discuss everything from being a working woman, to being
married, trying to start a family, to pop culture events and more with
different guests to elevate each topic.

Thanks for listening!
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Society & Culture


Real Wives In Radio

Episode 51: Bad Mom Moments

Tonya comes by for a quick visit to give us an update on how she and baby Marina are doing. Ever felt like you had a "bad mom" moment with your kid? Tonya and...
Real Wives In Radio

Episode 48: Tonya's Birth Story

Tonya's back!!! It's been 3 weeks since Tonya gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Marina. We check in with the new mom to see how they're doing, and to hear...