Joe's Blog: Worst Gifts For Dad This Weekend


Sunday is Dad's day!  I'm very happy because my parents are here visiting from upstate New York so spending it with my dad and kids (along with my mom and better half) will be extra special!  My favorite gifts are the one's that are made and being with my family.  Every year my kids make me something from school and I keep it all.  I have a drawer in my end table for storing everything.  Even my dad still has stuff that I made for him when I was a kid.  We're talking over 30 years ago!  I came across this dad who talked about the worst gifts ever.  I definitely agree with the cement block.  LOL.  The movie theatre gift card though I would definitely use... hint hint if my kids are reading this.  HA! 

Here I am at only a week or two old with my dad:

This is me at three months old with my Grandpa.  I'm one of five Joseph's in the Rosati bloodline that my dad knows of.  Grandpa here is Joe #2:

The very top picture is from this morning: three out of the five Joe's - Dad, me and my son.