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Sherry has called San Diego home for over 20 years now and couldn't think of a better place to have raised her twin daughters.

Sherry aka as the "Funky Filipina" knew at the age of nine when her school did a field trip to a local radio station that she wanted to be in radio when she grew up. Then at 16 she interned at a radio station in San Francisco and that started her career and enjoys it as much today as she did back then. She has worked in Salinas, Fresno, and Phoenix and in different formats(Country, Old School, Hip Hop) but is so glad she is working at KYXY and has been for the last 6 years.

Her father was in the Army so she moved all over the world but was lucky enough that he was stationed in San Francisco when she was 15 and there is where she "grew" up and calls SF her first home. She graduated Golden Gate University and has a credential in elementary education. Sherry is very lucky she can be on the radio and teach with the support of her family and bosses.

Wife to Sergio for over 26 years and she is proud that her husband is still serving his country in the National Guard. It's very hard for her to believe her twin daughters are in college now but feeling blessed that they decided to stay home for school. One is studying Computer Science at USD and the other is studying to be a teacher at SDSU.

"I feel very lucky/blessed that I can continue being on the air after all these years and hope that comes across on the air. Being on the air is my happy place and grateful that I can do it on KYXY every single day."

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