Father and Son Survive After Being Crushed by a Tree: 'It's Nothing Short of a Miracle'

The survival of a Nashville father and his 3-year-old son is being hailed as a miracle. Jeff and Judge Colvin were trying to get home before a storm when a 75-foot tree fell on them. Read the story now.
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Hertz selling cars

Hertz Is Selling Thousands Of Cars At Bargain Prices

Hertz is selling thousands of cars
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Merriam-Webster to Change Definition of 'Racism' After Request by Missouri Woman

Kennedy Mitchum says internet trolls were copy-and-pasting the definition of racism to try and prove she didn’t understand the word. But soon that definition will change.
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Starbucks Reverses Course, Will Let Employees Wear Black Lives Matter Apparel

Starbucks on Friday said it would allow baristas to wear “Black Lives Matter” shirts and accessories, amid growing backlash over an internal bulletin that said letting employees do so would violate company policy.
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‘Thrill of the Chase’: Treasure Worth Over $1 Million Discovered in Rocky Mountains After 10-Year Search

An anonymous treasure hunter, a decade-long search, and a chest full of gold. What may sound like a 19th-century adventure story is actually a modern tale of two eccentric hobbyists: one, a treasure hunter, and the other, a treasure hider.
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Disney Pledges $5 Million to Support Social Justice Organizations

The Walt Disney Co. announced they are donating $5 million to nonprofit organizations that support social justice advancements, including $2 million to the NAACP.
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Man Breaks Into Bank, Tells Police He Was Just Trying to Heat Up His Hot Pockets

Police in San Diego responded to a call Wednesday morning about a man breaking into a nearby Chollas View bank, where they found the man microwaving a Hot Pocket.
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High School Senior Marries Girlfriend After He's Given 3-5 Months to Live From Terminal Cancer

After receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis that said he only had a few months left to live, an Indiana high school senior married his girlfriend in an intimate ceremony on her parents’ driveway. Find out more here.
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Costco Is Lifting A Restriction

Costco lifting restriction
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6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Nevada, Felt as Far as California and Utah

An earthquake with a 6.4 magnitude hit Nevada on Friday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. People on social media reported that they felt the event as far as California and Utah.
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