This week, Dorothy is joined by her best friend, Mal Hall. He's a full-time stand-up comedian but is also a full time stay- at- home dad. In this episode, we explore the gender role reversal and how it's affected him as a dad, partner, and man. We also brought back "The Pop Off!" Check it out!
Rob and Joss

Catch Up On Mornings with Rob & Joss

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Real wives in radio

Catch Up On The Real Wives in Radio Podcast with Dorothy and Tonya

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extra cash

You Have More Extra Money Lying Around Than You Realize!

If you're feeling the pinch of low cash flow after the holidays, you probably have more money on hand, than you realize. The average household has as much as $50 just lying around: 1. Change in your car's cupholders. 2. Coins found under sofa cushions, or under your bed. Or in the washing machine...
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sleeping dog

Sleeping With Your Dog: It's A Good Thing

For those of you who sleep with a furry friend, I’ve got some good news: Sleeping alongside your dog has more benefits than drawbacks. A new study also reveals that women, specifically, sleep better with dogs. Women who sleep with dogs are most likely to sleep well. That’s because dogs in bed were...
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social media

What Are The Most Downloaded Apps Of This Decade?

Do you use some of the top 10 most-downloaded apps of the 2010s? (they are, in order here): Facebook Facebook Messenger WhatsApp Messenger Instagram Snapchat Skype TikTok UC Browser YouTube Twitter And it's interesting to see that, if you look at 2019 downloaded apps alone, Tik Tok has moved up to...
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