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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: A Relationship 'Air-check'

Sixty-five days to go!!! First, let me fill you in on what's been going on with the wedding process... We're a little over 2 months away from our wedding and I have all the big stuff done, now it comes down to the details, like what the groomsmen are going to wear? The one thing Steven was in...
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Southwest Announces Plans for Direct Flights to Hawaii from San Diego

It's about to be a little easier to sneak away and live the island life in Hawaii! Southwest Arilines has been working on this for years, and they just announced plans to have direct flights to Hawaii from four California cities- San Diego, Oakland, Sacramento, and San Jose! So which islands can...
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Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: The Weight Loss Hasn't Been Going Well

A couple of months ago I posted about how I wanted to get back in shape for my wedding. I started doing workouts, and kiiiiiinda started eating healthier, but honestly I haven't been consistent with it. There were weeks that I'd be super good- going to the gym every day, eating right. Then there...
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WATCH: Justin Timberlake Admits He Hooked Up With A Spice Girl.... Here's Who!

The guys of *NSYNC reunited to receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week. Ellen was on hand to give the guys an introduction. After the ceremony, they all stopped by Ellen's show and played a hilarious game of "Never Have I Ever." The most interesting answer came when the talk show...
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Recipe: Turkey Stuffed Peppers

I'm always down to try a new recipe and I've been craving stuffed bell peppers. I looked in my fridge and had some ground turkey I needed to use. So, I quickly googled "turkey stuffed peppers," and found this recipe from SkinnyTaste . It looked delicous and healthy so I gave it a shot! It was...
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