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WATCH: Diver Gets Scooped Up in Whale's Mouth, Survives

Can you imagine you're out diving with your friends when all of a sudden you end up in a Bryde's whale's mouth?! That's exactly what happened to 51-year-old diver Rainer Schimpf in South Africa. A Bryde's whale is pretty big- itcan reach up to 55 ft in length- and the only thing protecting Schimpf...
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You've Been Eating Pineapple Wrong

We've all been eating pineapple the wrong way! This viral video shows a unique way to snack on the tropical fruit... check it out below, and WARNING: there is some really loud chewing so you might want to watch this video on mute. You learn something new everyday -- — IG...
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WATCH The TNT Boys Steal the Show on CBS' The World's Best

CBS debuted a new talent competition show last night after the Super Bow called The World'sBest . You have to see these three boys from the Philippines steal the show! They wowed all of the judges from across the world with their rendition of "Listen" from Dreamgirls. Video of The World's...
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Hey guys, it's Dorothy and Tonya and we started a podcast! Here's a little taste of what you can expect from our new podcast... We hope you'll go on this ride with us and enjoy! 

Help! Social Media Is Hunting for a Woman Who Left a Love Letter on an Airplane Barf Bag

This is one of those rare situations where social media actually IS useful . . . because it just might let us all know how this story turned out. A flight attendant was cleaning an airplane last year and found a message written on a BARF BAG. It was signed by a 21-year-old named Andrea. And she...
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WATCH: Macaulay Culkin Recreates Iconic Scenes from 'Home Alone' as Adult Kevin

Ever wonder how adult Kevin McCallister would handle the Wet Bandits in Home Alone ? Well, Macauly Culkin has reprised his iconic role to fill that void for you! LOL Watch as Macauly recreates some of the most iconic scenes from the movie for a new Google Assistant ad: #heygoogle Have you ever...
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Christmas Shipping Deadline: Here's When You Need to Mail Your Gifts By

Christmas is almost here!! Do you have gifts you need to ship to your loved ones? You better get them out soon. Here are the shipping deadlines from the U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS to ensure your gift will make it in time for Christmas.... U.S. Postal Service: Dec. 18: APO/FPO/DPO (except...
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Justin Timberlake is Coming to San Diego!!!

O M G!!! Stop what you're doing because Justin Timberlake is coming to San Diego!!! He hasn't been here since his FutureSex/LoveShow Tour in January 2007!!! The pop superstar is bringing his Man of the Woods Tour to Valley View Casino on February 21, 2019. Tickets start at $49.50 + service fees,...
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Black Friday: Here's What You Should Buy To Get The Biggest Discount

A study by last week found the average Black Friday discount this year is 37%. But it also depends on what you're trying to buy. They posted another new study that looked at which types of products tend to have the deepest discounts compared to what they usually go for on Amazon. Here...
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