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Reese's Advent Calendar/Scented Wrapping Paper Available Now!!!

Two things I think you should know: 1) Target is reportedly selling Reese's Advent Calendars filled with Reese's treats. Now, if you don't want that then you might like the Hershey's Kisses one, Frozen II one, or the Star Wars one. I say get them all! Oh fk yes!! @riteaid now has the new @reeses... Read More

Most Searched Thanksgiving Recipes By State

I know Christmas is on the majority of people's minds but we dismiss Thanksgiving just yet. What are the most searched thanksgiving recipes?? Most searched thanksgiving recipes #maps — Wonderful Maps (@wonderfulmaps) November 4, 2019 Do you agree... Read More

Veterans Day Deals!

By Sherry Knight As the granddaughter of a Veteran, daughter of a Veteran, sister of a Veteran, and a wife of a Veteran, Veterans Day has always been special to me. It's a day to say thank you, though I believe we should say thank you all the time. I remember years ago we were eating at a... Read More