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To Our KYXY Teachers: THANK YOU!

Hello, this is Sherry and I'm not only a DJ but right now I'm a kindergarten teacher too. Like all teachers we are teaching in ways we never thought would ever happen. Zoom meetings, Gotomeetings, etc.......not being in a classroom. I'm not going to lie its been tough but what has been tougher is... Read More
Food Drive NEW Image

San Diego Food Bank’s Feeding Families Virtual Food Drive!

The San Diego Food Bank is asking our supporters to help us provide emergency food to vulnerable families affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank and our North County Food Bank chapter comprise the largest hunger-relief organization in San Diego... Read More

Google Searches For "How To Cut A Mullet" Are Up By 124%

It looks like the lockdown is really getting to some of us... Believe it or not, Google searches for " How To Cut A Mullet " have gone up by 124% since quarantine began. Yes, you read that right. MULLET. Is everyone just trying to pull off the Joe Exotic look with the luscious, flowing locks? I... Read More

Gavin Newsom Says CA Will Begin Stage 2 Re-Openings Friday

The Governor announced that California is moving into Stage 2 of the re-opening process, and it will happen beginning this Friday (May8th). According to the LA Times, Gavin Newsom said that some retail businesses will be allowed to open, to include retails stores, flower shops, bookstores and more... Read More

Let's Move California Forward Together!

We are here with you as we continue to #StayConnected and Move Forward as a #UnitedSanDiego! Beautiful beaches. Cities, Deserts and moutains are ready. Let's move forward and meet the moment together, AS ONE! WE ARE CALIFORNIA! Every day Southern Californians are showing ways they're moving forward... Read More

You Can Virtually Visit The SoCal Poppy Fields

A lot of things have been cancelled because of Coronavirus...but you can't cancel nature! It's that time of year again--when the poppies are blooming in the Walker Canyon (southeast of Los Angeles) and in Antelope Valley (north of LA). Usually, there are so many people flocking to the fields to see... Read More

Treat Mom to a Chef-Prepared Mother's Day Meal!

Give Mom a break and treat her to a delicious meal prepared by Chef Barry Schneider of Premier Food Services this Mother's Day! Check out the delicious menu: And here's the best part: You won't even have to get out of your car. Simply drive up, roll down your window and voila - grab your gourmet... Read More

Gov. Gavin Newsom Orders all Beaches in Orange County to be Closed

Gov. Newsom announces hard closures of Orange County beaches.... San Diego beaches, not included!!! "We're guided by health, we're guided by your health and the health of others. I want everybody to know no one is invincible," Newsom said. Newsom said the problem wasn't widespread across the state... Read More