Tonya Checked Out The Glampisphere In North Park

Have You Been To The Glampisphere In North Park Yet?

Tonya Visited The New Glampisphere In North Park! Check Out Her Pics!

April 27, 2018

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This is what I love about San Diego. Always something new popping up somewhere. And even when something’s been around for a while...there’s something new to discover about it like...

THE GLAMPISPHERE.You’ve probably seen some Facebook ad’s for it. Or maybe this is your first time hearing about it. Either way, it’s freaking rad and you gotta check it out.

AC Lounge in North Park has been there for YEARS. I think I saw on their website that they’ve been there since 2004! And still, I’m always down to go there for some drinks and dancing. They play some really good music there sometimes. Me and my girls GET DOWWWWWN. I actually celebrated my bday there last year. It’s just always fun there. 

Well, behind the AC Lounge, you actually have to go through the AC lounge to get to it is...THE GLAMPISPHERE. I had no idea it was open to the public on a regular basis. I thought this was just a special space for fun work meetings, dinners and weddings but nope! Open to regular people that just want to hang out!

The Glampisphere is a beautiful outdoor space. Modern but with a retro twist, cozy, warm and FUN alllll at the same time! I swear it feels like you’re in someones beautiful backyard space…Lots of seating, tables, couches, chairs a fireplace, TV’s, and FULL of colorful. Perfect for those instagram pics ;)

Secret is out --- coolest spot in town now has cozy fireside chats, fresh air with your favorite drink and a few extra surprises up our sleeve!! - - come preview our private event space or tell our staff to make it public!? - Drop by and investigate, would love feedback!! - DM us for booking rates -- catering &audio +video availible -- great space for next presentation, staff party or celebration! . . ・・・ The AIR CONDITIONED LOUNGE - San Diego welcomes you to our new patio, The Glampisphere! Stop in for a drink, stay for the escape. . .#sandiego #normalheights #northpark #gaslamp #oceanside #Tijuana #lemongrove #missionvalley #sdsu #ucsd #chulavista #nationalcity #miramesa #pacificbeach

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This awesome space and hangout, The Glampisphere opens at 4p. I believe they’re open on Thursdays-Sundays? (sorry they just opened on March 23rd so it’s not super clear) The only thing is they close The Glampisphere at 9p...I kind of wish they were open longer especially now that it's getting warmer at night. But anyway, you can always call the AC LOUNGE if you want more information or to rent the space out for a special occasion. Work meetings, weddings, birthdays anything! The space holds 77 people and it’d be so fun. 

I went on a Friday. My brother in law celebrated his birthday there - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARREN!!! - and we got to check it out. It’s still new so not too many people were there or know about it but I was loving ALL OF IT. You go through the regular entrance at AC Lounge and walk past the DJ booth through the door into this amazing SPACE, The Glampisphere!

AAAAAAND we were there on a Friday so what does that mean…CASANOVA FISH TACOS! O…M…G…if you’ve never had Fish Tacos from Casanova Fish Tacos…YOU. ARE. MISSING. OUT. I've been eating these tacos for YEARS and WOW...MOUTH WATERING.

Fish tacos are great, and you can find good ones almost anywhere in SD but Casanova Fish Tacos are MAGICAL. -- First of all they’re BIG, FULL OF FLAVOR, FRIED or grilled PERFECTLY, the tortilla is perfect, doesn’t get soft and BREAK and Hector the owner, really knows how to pair flavors for his fish tacos. His menu at The Glampisphere includes his 4 amazing fish taco plates…and if you don’t like fish or are a vegetarian theres a taco for you too. In a fish plate you get 2 tacos PER plate (and they’re GOOD SIZE- SO FILLING) and tortilla chips!

  • He has his classic Baja Style Fish Taco so good and everything you expect: lightly battered and deep fried fish, cabbage, and signature aioli...
  • Then theres the GRILLED Chipotle Fish taco: Grilled fish, chipotle marinade, cabbage and chipotle aioli...

  • A Grilled sweet ginger fish taco, grilled fish, asian spices, ginger, cabbage, sesame aioli, teriyaki glaze and sesame seeds...

  • and the Grilled Red Curry Fish Taco: Grilled fish, red curry, coconut flakes (DROOOOOOL), sriracha aioli, cabbage, thai glaze and cilantro.​


OH and if fish is not your thing, or if you’re a vegetarian, they will still give you the same thing without the fish and grilled eggplant which looked JUST as delicious as our fish tacos. A girl that we were hanging with actually got it and she loved it!

Say Hello to our New customer request.. the First Vegan Grilled Red Curry Eggplant Taco.. only at the @glampisphere. Thanks Gill for adding a new creation to our menu!. #casanovafishtacos #eggplant #curryeggplantraco #sandiego #airconditionedlounge #northpark #tacos #happyhour

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So listen, The GLAMPISPHERE…go for the space, go for the good vibes, go to pre party before the REAL party inside or go to just chill! ORRRRR GO TO EAT BOMB TACOS (on fridays)! Find it at the AC Lounge. 4673 30th Street San Diego CA 92116. 


xoxo, Tonya