Jon Bon Jovi

© Ron Elkman - USA Today Images

Jon Bon Jovi Gets Into The Wine Business

February 16, 2018

He's not the first music celeb to get into the wine game.  Sting and Dave Matthews come to mind.

But when you think of Jon Bon Jovi, you might not think of a French Rosé.

Jon and his son, Jesse Bongiovi, plan to bottle and sell a French-made rosé, which they're calling Diving into Hampton Water. You might wonder what Bon Jovi knows about French wine.  Truth is, his team has an admirable connection.  They're working with Gérard Bertrand, who is very well known in the wine world.

Bertrand is one of the largest producers in France's largest wine-making region.  He's also a big music fan and hosts an international music festival every year.

If you're looking to try a bottle (or two) of Diving into Hampton Water, it might not be easy to find in San Diego.  It will launch on February 23 in 17 states, but mostly on the East coast.  It will retail for $25.