Websites To Keep The Kids Still Learning

Most are free!

March 16, 2020
Websites to keep the kids learning



Hi, its Sherry and not only am I a dj on Kyxy but I'm also a kindergarten teacher by day.  On Friday, my school like most schools in the country decided we were going to not have students come anymore because of the Coronavirus.  When I spoke to my kids a few were happy, a few cried, and a few were worried about their school work.  It broke my heart because I only have them a few more months with them to get them ready for first grade.  

As soon as they left I got to work on lesson plans for the next few weeks and try to figure out how I'm going to do this.   Emails, discussion boards, get a list of websites, and video conferencing(I truly can't wait to do this).  I'm taking it week by week and everyday sending videos to them and soon we will be video conferencing. 

It got me thinking about websites and I did some research on websites for my parents so they can keep their kids busy.  Then, luckily I found an article that lists them and the majority of them are offering free subscriptions during this time.

If your child is home and you want to keep them learning check out this article on some of these websites to keep them busy.




Also, here are a couple of pics of my classroom as I get ready.  I want to tell all my fellow teachers out there....we got this!  And, to all the parents who are working with us at home to keep the kids learning.....thank you!!

My classroom looks so empty
Getting lessons ready