Was A Man Right In Asking For Reward Of a Missing Cat?

What would you do?

January 27, 2020
Man asks for reward for missing cat owners upset



I'm sure you've seen the posters every once in awhile.  Family missing a cat/dog and offering a reward if found.

Recently, a family promised a $500 pound reward(which is a little over $600 in the U.S.) if someone found their lost cat. 

It happened and the gentleman that found it returned the cat and did ask for the reward.  The family to him looked shoocked and did get part of the money for him.  When they walked back into the house he could hear them saying "I can't believe he took the money,"  and "yes what a d**k."

He was so surprised at this he took to Reddit asking people what they thought.

Most people agreed that he had a right to the money since the family did write on the paper there is a reward.

What do you think?

Here's the story.....reward