Secret Santa Exchange Goes Very Bad

She wanted a more expensive present

December 28, 2018


I am sure you at some point in your life or even this year took part in Secret Santa.  We all know the get a name and you buy a present or presents.  And, 9 times out of 10 there is a spending limit.  

Well, this office Secret Santa exchange didn't go too well and makes me wonder how things will go when they get back to work.

It starts like this:  A woman texts her Secret Santa to complain that the chocolates and blanket she was given was under the $50 spending limit.  She did the math and it was only $30 and asked her if she could make up that difference.  The Secret Santa agreed to give her $20 in cash after the woman explained that her kids have been "spending up the wazo."

I will just let you read the texts and to let you know it doesn't end well.