Reese's Advent Calendar/Scented Wrapping Paper Available Now!!!

Where can you get them??

November 7, 2019

Two things I think you should know:

1)  Target is reportedly selling Reese's Advent Calendars filled with Reese's treats.  Now, if you don't want that then you might like the Hershey's Kisses one, Frozen II one, or the Star Wars one.  I say get them all!


Oh fk yes!! @riteaid now has the new @reeses Mystery Shapes, returning Bells, holiday Miniatures and a dope advent calendar. Am I a happy camper? Hell yessss!!---------- #reeses #ressesmysteryshapes #reesesadventcalander #yum #mmm #reeseslove #fatman #happyfreakingcamper

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2)  Jimmy Dean is bringing back their sausage scented wrapping paper!! Only available until December 17th.  You do have to do a couple of things to get this and they've already sold out on a few things....  Click here for info...sausage


'Tis the season for The Jimmy Dean Recipe Gift Exchange—cook a sausage recipe, get a sausage gift! Check out the link in our bio to learn more. #JimmyDeanHoliday

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