Mom Shares How Her Son Thinks She's Doing With Homeschooling

He called his mom out

March 24, 2020
boy writes letter



I'm a kinder teacher and there is nothing like teaching young minds at school.

But, now since we are quarantined our teaching hasn't stopped though it might be remotely....parents are having to help us with the teaching too.

One word of advice I can give a parent is to just take a deep breath.  Teachers are being very lenient now and we understand.  I saw a post the other day from a mom and it read "to the teachers that have taught my son and the teacher that is currently teaching my son....I now know what you mean about my child!"  

This eight year old son had to do a journal writing about how homeschooling is going.  He was honest and his mom posted his honestly.


Parents, can you relate?