Kyxy's New Lineup!!

I'm not the Knight DJ anymore

May 13, 2020

Hello, its Sherry and I've been in radio in San Diego for 20 years now and I feel absolutely blessed that I can still do it.  I came to KYXY six years ago to do nights and have had an absolute blast doing the shift.  The only downside was that there was hardly anyone in the building but the upside was I get to crank the music as loud as want.

Last week, my boss called me up telling me that they have decided to put on a different show at night......The John Tesh Show.  Now, I'm showing my age here but I remember when he used to anchor Entertainment Tonight on a nightly basis and I know of him as a musician.  My heart dropped BUT she then said they are moving me to middays(10 a.m. to 3 p.m.).  I couldn't of been happier because that has always been the shift I did since I started in radio and now I get to help listeners get through their workday.  I probably don't get to crank up the music anymore when we move back into the building but now I get to actually see people during the day.  

And, to be honest when I first came to KYXY this shift has always been the shift I dreamed of getting.

I'm back to the shift that I've always called home and glad I can do it now on KYXY.  

This is my promise to you:

 I will play music to help you get through a day of hard work and even those days when your hardly working.

Keep you informed on local news and events that affect us as a community.

Keep you informed on entertainment news.

When your having a rough day at work I'll be that voice in the speaker letting you know its ok.

I promise to be genuine and real with you.

So, there you go I'm on now sandwiched between Dorothy and Gene now and couldn't of been happier.

Please check out our new show at night - The John Tesh Show from 7p to 12a.   He does interviews with celebrities and gives information on how to make life easier.  Very positive in a time that we need that positivity.

Thank you for listening to Kyxy!!  Salamat! Gracias!


Working my show from home