Info On Oscar Mayer Job Opening And The Flip Phone Is Coming Back!

Wienermobile Drivers Wanted and Flashback to the Flip Phone

January 22, 2019

Hello.  Two things of interest today I want to share with you.

1)  If you have ever wanted to work for Oscar Mayer or even drive the Wienermobile well keep reading!!!  The Kraft Heinz company is taking applications for its next fleet of Wienermobile "hotdoggers" through the end of the month.  It is a one year position beginning in June and doesn't only mean you will be driving but acting as their "own traveling public relations firm, organizing promotions and pitching TV, radio and print media.  They are promising a competitive salary.  Check the post below...

2)  If you miss your flip phone or have always wanted to know how it feels to use a flip phone you will get your chance soon.  Motorola is bringing back the Razr.  It will be a smartphone and will cost about $1,500 and could be out next month.  Would you get one?