Haunted Places In San Diego

Check out if you dare

October 8, 2019



San Diego County is a beautiful place to live but since we are in full Halloween mode......let's run down some of the haunted places in this County.

El Campo Santo Cemetery:







Robinson-Rose House:

Located in Old Town.  Some female visitors have felt their hair being pulled, lights have gone on and off, and some have heard footsteps

Horton Grand Hotel:

Gambler Roger Whitaker checked in to the hotel but how he died has been debated.  Some stories state he died of a gunshot wound in room 309 other stories claim he died on the property long before either building was built.  People claim they have seen him in the hallway and in the room he checked into.  Experiences like the AC turning on, hot in the room, bed shaking, and more.

Hotel Del Coronado:

The most famous ghost is Kate Morgan who died at the hotel at age 24.  The story is she was married and went to the Del to be with her lover or her companion abandoned her.  She killed herself after being alone for five days.

Experiences range from tv's turning on and off, lights flickering, hearing voices and footsteps.  Some claim they have seen her ghost on the beach and around the hotel.




Whaley House:

A lot of things happened on this property and in 2005, LIFE magazine called Whaley House "the most haunted house in America."


Other places that are considered haunted are the USS Midway,  Del Mar Racetrack, Point Loma Lighthouse, Star Of India, and the Villa Montezuma.