Nine Year Old Writes Taco Bell Asking Why They Do Not Deliver.

She just wants her tacos.

September 13, 2018

Her name is Kinsley Lynn James and she is nine years old and lives in Michigan.  She loves Taco Bell and one day she couldn't get Taco Bell so she decided to write a letter:


Her full letter reads:

Dear Taco Bell,

Today I really wanted tacos but my mean mom wouldn't take me and I'm only nine so I can't drive to get some myself. I would like to give you some reasons why you should deliver. One reason I (believe) that Taco Bell should deliver is because what if someone just had surgery and can't drive and they have no family to bring them any. Reason 2 What if smeone doesn't have a car but really wants to buy your stuff but can't get (there). Reason 3 Or if (you're feeling lazy) but really want nacho fries? Reason 4 What if someone is too sick and just needs a taco but (doesn't) feel like leaving (their) house. Reason 5 Think about the people who have (too) much to do or are on a lunch break and don't have an extra 20 (minutes) to drive (there). In conclusion this is why I (believe) that Taco Bell should have delivery. This is a good way to make more money.

Sincerely, Kinsley Lynn James

What a great letter and that letter is getting her to Taco Bell's convention in Vegas this month.