Did You Know? You Can Win McDonald's Food For Life???

Win the McGold Card, Eastlake Hangout Closed, WAZE Helping The Military

August 9, 2018

Did you know???

1)  I live in Eastlake and just about a month and a half ago my girls went bowling at Eastlake Tavern and Bowl.  Well, they can't go anymore because it closed its doors this week.

2)  Troops can dowload the WAZE Carpool app and search for a ride to and from work.  Military base commuters can choose their carpool companion by searching through profiles.  Those who want to drive can use the app to offer rides.

3)  The McGold card exists!!  Mcdonald's is holding a contest where someone will win a McGold card that gets them free food for life.  If you win, you get 2 free meals a week for the next 50 years(that is about a $36,000 value).  You can enter the contest once a day by ordering food with your mobile app and goes for the next two weeks.  It starts tomorow!!!

4)  Nearly Impossible Question:  1/3 of people are afraid to do this at work..............take a lunch break.