Class of 2020....This was supposed to be your year

My twin girls are seniors

March 19, 2020



We are living in a reality that feels more like a blockbuster movie these days.  We will get passed this and hopefully we can sooner than we think.

But, for the Class of 2020 this was not the senior year of high school, senior year of college or other grades that are graduating this year what they wanted.

My daughters are seniors in high school and they broke my heart the other day when of them said "ok, I get it no prom".  But, now they and so many seniors out there are worried they might not walk in their graduation.  Though I know schools will do whatever they can to make that happen.  But, for a senior right now it's hard to look past the fact you feel as if your year has been taken away from you.

A week or two weeks ago might of been their last time walking out of high school or college.  Last time they played their sport.  Last time they were in a school play. No senior night.  No grad night.  The last time they get to hang out with their friends at school.  I get it and I believe every adult gets it.  

One of my favorite senior memories is Grad Night at Disneyland and for years I've told them stories of my own grad night and now they are worried they won't get to do it.  I understand you waited for your senior year and here it is and we are quarantined.

I just listen to my daughters talk about how they feel and try to do what all parents try to do is comfort their children at a time like this.  

What I do know is we will get passed this and it will make us all stronger and the class of 2020 even stronger.  

I saw this on social media the other day and want to share it.

Class of 2020

You entered the world during 9/11.

You graduate during a pandemic.

No doubt these events will shape you.

You see beyond borders and political parties, you savor the good.  You relish healthy lifestyle habits.

The celebrations may need to wait.

And you are ok with that.

We are Proud of you!




If you have a senior have them read this letter from someone who understands..........2020