A Glimpse Into How I'm Teaching Each Day And Other Teachers

To all the teachers out their and parents....thank you

March 23, 2020



I'm not only a DJ but I am a Kinder teacher and I have to be honest last week was a challenge and I learned a lot.  I first had to figure out how I was going to get my lessons and work to the parents, have even some class time, and also try to keep the momentum going.  I figured it out but learning every day as well.

Luckily, I had some teachers reach out to me and I reached out to teachers so we can help each other.

My typical day starts at 7 when I spend an hour an half getting my lesson ready for our zoom meeting(which we are having every day), listing assignments on Google Classroom/Jupiter, working on videos, and catching up on emails from parents and checking work.

At about 9:15 I have my first small group reading group/one on one  which will lasts about 30 minutes.

At 10 and everday we get together as a class on zoom and we work on work as a class.  Today, we did a scavenger hunt - I dictated to them the items and had them write it down and we checked the spelling ad then I had them look for the items around the house.  It was great and I loved seeing what they brought back.  I do give them about 2 minutes to say "hi" to each other and I also let them do that at the end of our meeting.

At 11 I have my second small group reading group/one on one which lasts about 30 minutes and I do two more until about 1:00.

If nobody can meet me in the morning I adjust the schedule and the parents always can reach me by text.

I think I speak for most teaches out there I feel like I'm doing more work now than when we were at school.  But, its ok and we do what we have to do and hoping we can get back to school at least by the middle or end of April.

The other day I asked my kinders what they missed about school:  "me" each and everyone of them said.  I didn't let it show on camera but it made me tear up because I miss them too.

If you're a teacher and want to share your ideas, what your doing, or looking for ideas please reach out to me at Sherry@kyxy.com or message me through my facebook page(Sherry Knight) or Instagram (onairteachersherryknight).  I would love to post these maybe three times a week. 

We are in this together!!


Here is a great article on teachers and what they did last week.