Joss Gets Make Up Done

Will Bucquoy

Rob and Joss: Make Up for Your Screw Up. Joss Apologizes to Rob

Joss say "I'm Sorry" for being a Bridezilla!

February 14, 2020

This week Rob and Joss had your Valentine's Day dinner reservations AND dinner too with "Make Up For Your Screw Up." KyXy listeners apologized to their significant others and for stepping up to the plate, R&J sent them to dinner at great San Diego restaurants.

To finish off the week, Rob and Joss apologized to each other. Listen as Joss says "I'm Sorry" to Rob for being a bridezilla.

Caller 9 was rewarded with dinner at El Jardin Cantina!

"El Jardin Cantina (Har-dEEn).  Savor our sizzling platefuls of goodness made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients, created by Rise & Shine’s collection of culinary talent. The menu includes classics such as Camarones a la Diabla and the amazing Tacos a la carta selection and along with tasty selections of wine and cerveza, plus some of the best signature margaritas in town." Click here for details.

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