Couple Dinner

Make Up for Your Screw Up - Albert Apologizes to Alicia

Albert has put work ahead of marriage. Can Alicia forgive him?

February 14, 2020

Every relationship has had it's hitches and mess ups. Rob and Joss give you the chance to "Make Up for Your Screw Up." In this case, Albert is feeling bad about putting work ahead of marriage. He apologizes to Alicia. Rob and Joss send the couple to a Valentine's Day dinner to rekindle the flame!.

Cloak and Petal, where you're invited you to journey into a place of both intimacy and companionship.  This airy locale specializes in Japanese tapas & craft cocktails with dramatic, edgy decor.​  Journey down to Cloak and Petal... and come unwind your soul. Click here for details!


Cloak and Petal