Rob & Joss's Disneyland Adventure

Never knew you could have so much fun as an adult

March 12, 2019

OK – This is Joss writing this blog – cuz I am more apt to write a long winded, very detailed story about what we do on the weekends…so here’s what we did in the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!  I woke up right at 6 – ready to put my purple Mini-ears on and go to DISNEYLAND!

I got the coffee ready and took a shower and then told the boys “IT’S TIME TO GET UP AND SEE MICKEY!!!!!” 

We jumped in the car at 7:36 (6 minutes late, according to Rob) and headed to DISNEYLAND!  It has been a SHAMEFULLY LONG TIME since we’ve been there. But after Saturday’s trip, I completely get why it is SO ADDICTING. I am already planning my next Disney adventure. 

We got inside and went on my FAVORITE RIDE – Pirates of the Caribbean. I love this one cuz it’s LONG, does not go up and down fast and there’s really good little scenes inside.  After that, it was the Haunted Mansion – which is REALLY well done. My favorite thing inside was the floating head and the mirrors.

We hit a bit of the Food and Wine Festival inside of California Adventure. You know that was my first time ever inside of CA Adventure? Seriously. That place is COOL. Such a great celebration of our state. For those from outside of California, you get a fun glimpse of what our state is all about. 

We had a bit of cheese soup in a little bread bowl (I ate most of this when Rob wasn’t looking) AND we had the BEST MILKSHAKE we’ev EVER HAD IN OUR LIVES at Ghirardelli. I am STILL thinking about it. Get the one with the salted caramel and bananas. It will bring TEARS to your eyes.

We headed back over to Disneyland and grabbed sandwiches at a café and then we hit Indiana Jones – we had Fast Passes for this one – which was a GOOD idea. I used the Disney app for our day which was ANOTHER good idea. I LOVED IT. That’s what I used to get our Fast Passes. 

After IJ, we grabbed Fast Passes for Star Tours and to kill a little time, we jumped on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. This was Rob’s dream – to ride Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. That is a funny ride. A little old school, at one point you end up in Hades, you feel compelled to steer a little car that is on a track that you don’t need to steer because it is on  track…It was awesome.

We also hit “Small World” to honor Rob’s dad who passed away in 2014 – this was one of favorites.  That is such a bright and cute and fun ride – if it doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart….I don’t know what kind of person you are, I tell ya.  THEN we went to Star Tours and explored all of the Star Wars stuff. Chewbacca was adorable – I was hoping he would! He was so cuddly! I LOVED HIM! 

We also met Darth Vadar who scared us…he really did. Truly.  The last ride of the day was Thunder Mountain. I totally forgot how fast and crazy that ride was – but the VIEWS were AMAZING!  After Thunder Mountain – we ran to The Food and Wine Festival to watch Guy Fieri’s demonstration which was DANG FUNNY. 

THEN it was time for bed. Honestly.  We had a great day at Disney. Again, I felt like for the first time I really “GOT” why people become so addicted to this place. I woke up the next morning mentally laying out the plans for our next trip…and I woke Rob up and said “Dude…we need season passes!”  Yes, the addiction has started. Next time we’re there…I’ll be hunting down Eeyore for a hug…oh yes, I will.