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(photo by Evonne Ermey)

Is Air 1 Format Change Just Preaching to the Choir?

January 4, 2019

It may seem strange for one radio station to comment on a competitor, but this has been on my mind for a couple days now.

I've been programming The Crossing in San Diego for 10 years now. I have a passion for Christian music.

When I put it on the air, there were no Christian music stations in San Diego. I wanted a station that played uplifting music from rock, pop and hip hop artists that would appeal to believers and non-believers from college age on up.

EMF's syndicated Christian radio station, Air 1 was kind of doing that at that time, but as the years passed, they slowly evolved into a softer station with more praise music, already covered on their syndicated sister station, K-Love.

Then they started off the new year, changing their format from a Christian hit music station to all-worship music.

If the social media posts are any indication, they took a lot of listeners by surprise, and not neccesarily in a good way. One Twitter post pointed out that the new format only reaches inward to churchgoers and ignores others on the outside. I'm like a lot of Christian music listeners. I hear it as a way to reach out to other listeners in a positive way. I care about ALL Christian radio stations. I have no doubt that there's a place for a radio station that plays all of the music that is sung in church, but why not start a 3rd Christian format? 

If I were wearing the programming hat over at EMF, I think I would have kept Air 1 a pop-leaning Christian station, further separating it from K-Love and using it to reach out to listeners who are looking for something uplifting, while not being exclusively "church music". Then call this new station "Worship 1"?  I know it's too late for that, and I don't wish them any ill will. The more Christian radio stations, the better!

Anyway, just my .02. 

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