Joe's Blog: Wedding Songs Banned From Playlists

July 26, 2018

With wedding season underway a recent survey from revealed what songs couples banned from their playlist according to two dozen DJ's.  If you or someone you know is getting married you might want to take a look at this.  Maybe you have more to add.  When I got married "Celebration" from Kool & The Gang was an absolute NO-NO!  My kids will be so bummed over #5.  They get such a kick out of doing the YMCA.  Here's the top 10:

1.  "The Chicken Dance" 

2.  "The Cha-Cha Slide", DJ Casper 

3.  "Macarena", Los Del Rio 

4.  "The Cupid Shuffle", Cupid 

5.  "YMCA", Village People 

6.  "Electric Boogie (Electric Slide)", Marcia Griffiths

7.  "Hokey Pokey" 

8.  "Wobble", V.I.C.

9.  (Tie) "Happy" by Pharrell 

     (Tie) "Shout" by the Isley Brothers