Joe & Mini Joe's Legoland Adventure

August 27, 2018

Took my little buddy to Legoland over the weekend as mom and Sofia had a girls day.  Joseph is becoming more and more adventurous by wanting to go on rides by himself.  I heard a lot of, "Dad, I got it.  I'm big enough.  You wait there."  He's 7 going on 25.  LOL.  We must have done 5 laps of the park and hit every ride.  We actually got to ride on the Dragon Coaster two times in a row with only a 5 minute wait.  That ride is usually 30-45 minutes easily so we took full advantage!  Even the Technics coaster wasn't that bad of a wait, maybe 20 minutes.  Then as part of our lunch we had soft serve ice cream.  Tried having some of his as you'll see below but he wasn't having it.  Was worth a try.  I'm a sucker for gummy bears!  Ha!