Joe's Blog: Watch This Boy Hit A Home Run With One Arm

February 28, 2019

I love stories like this.  Have you heard about eight-year-old Tommy Morrissey from Florida?  If his name rings a bell, it's because he's an excellent athlete... and he has one arm.  Something pretty neat happened to him recently - he went to spring trainging with the St. Louis Cardinals for batting practice!

Batting practice helped him score an inside-the-park home run in a game he was playing.... again, with one arm!  This kid is amazing!  The Padres should sign him quick!  We could use him!

It’s #openingday for my #StLouisCardinals & thanks to my recent #hitting sesh with #ChrisCarpenter at @cardinals #springtraining I stepped up and sent it to the fence. #homerun #lovemyteam #onearmgolfer plays #baseball and dreams of #cyyoung #unLIMBited #zerohandicap #keeprunning #motivation #inspiration #dontstopbelieving

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Baseball isn't it for Tommy.  He's also a great golfer.  "Real Sports" on HBO did a piece on him last year.  When he was seven he could already drive the ball up to 200 yards!

He's the only child with a missing limb to ever qualify for the U.S. Kids World Championships too.  That didn't happen once or twice... how about three times!?  What can't he do?  LOL!  Tommy is such an inspiration.  Way to go!