Kelly Clarkson Had an Awkward Moment with Meryl Streep

March 1, 2018
Kelly Clarkson

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So, no surprise, Hollywood can be full of creeps, so when you meet people who aren't creeps, it's really nice. Just ask Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson was on Late Nite with Seth Meyers where she performed (slayed) for the audience. She also let loose about a few Hollywood encounters, specifically with Steve Carell, who famously yelled "Kelly Clarkson!" while having his hair ripped out in 40 Year Old Virgin,  and Meryl Streep. 

Her Meryl Streep encounter is adorable! There was face caressing involved. Have we told you how much we love Kelly Clarkson? We do because, you know, what's not to love?