Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: The Bachelorette Party Pics


June 6, 2018

You guys, I had the best bachelorette party ever last weekend!!! 

I have four sisters and they did an amazing job planning the party. We went up to Santa Barbara and it was the perfect mix of relaxation & partying! It started off Friday at the spa where I had an amazing massage at Float Spa. It was so good that I fell asleep on the table LOL After that we went out for dinner, then went out for some drinking and dancing. 

The next day we got our fancy pants on and went wine tasting on a tour. We went to Kalyra Winery (where they filmed Sideways), then Roblar (which had the most delicious Cuvee), then ended at Firestone. Needless to say, I was feeling reaaaaaaaal nice after wine tasting all day. I took a 30 min nap before dinner that night and woke up with the BIGGEST headache. Rookie mistake. I should've just powered through. I was almost tempted to keep sleeping, but I couldn't- It's my bachelorette weekend! So I rallied, went to dinner, then we went for more dancing!

It was so much fun to celebrate with all of my closest friends and my sisters. My best friends from high school were there, my future sisters-in-law, and all my sisters. Everyone is so busy, so it's rare that we can all get together like that. I laughed so hard all weekend long, drank so much, and yes, in case you were wondering, we did try to find a male strip club while drunk at 2 a.m. and failed miserably. Hahaha! But we did end up staying up all night and having some girl time. 

Scroll through the pics below!

The gang is all here #trandownforwhat #bacheloretteweekend #santabarbara

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Had such a fun bachelorette weekend in Santa Barbara! #sisters #trandownforwhat #mrsenglish

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P.S. 37 days until the wedding!!!