Happy Headline: Kid Writes Hilarious Journal Entry About How Bad His Mom is at Homeschooling

March 25, 2020
Journal Entry

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How has homeschooling been going for you? It's a lot harder than what most parents expected. Everyone is trying to balance their work while teaching their kids, and it's given parents a new found respect for teachers. 

Candice Kennedy, a mom of three, has been homeschooling her kids, and it hasn't been the easiest thing. Her kids, Tyler, 12, Emily, 10, and Ben, 8, have a lot of assignments from their teachers and Candice has been doing her best to teach her kids. The first couple of days were rough, but Candice and her husband started to get the swing of things. By the end of the week, Candice decided to check her youngest son's journal entry and found this:

LOL!!! Candice laughed out loud uncontrollably and her youngest son knew exactly why. Ben is a big jokester so Candice knew he was mostly joking when he wrote this journal entry.