Dorothy Got Married! Take an Inside Look of Her Big Day!

Best. Day. Ever.

July 18, 2018

Photo by Michael Lawrence Photography

I get it now when everyone says, "Take a moment to enjoy what's happening around you because your wedding day flies by."  It totally did. I got married last Friday at the Marina Village and I truly had the best day ever!

It started off with champagne in my hotel room as I was getting ready with my sisters, mom, niece, and best friend/man of honor, Mal! Dezi and Theresa from The Beauty Collective Co. worked so fast on getting all of us ready. After Dezi was done with my hair and make-up I felt like movie star. I went with a classic look- neutral eyes with a little shimmer + a red lip. She did such a great job! It was so flawless. My hair and make-up lasted all day- even through all my happy tears at the ceremony. 

Once we got done getting ready we headed over to the Marston House in Balboa Park, which, btw, I never knew about! I'm a native San Diegan and I had no idea that was there. Steven and I did our first look and all of our bridal party pictures, and I was so excited to see my HUSBAND. As I walked up, I could feel the anticipation between us. It brought back those same butterflies we had from when we first started dating four years ago. 

My photographer, Michael Lawrence Photography, took the best pictures!! He and his 2nd shooter, Paul were so creative with their shots. I can't believe I got a preview of my pictures so quickly!!  Scroll through them below.

During our ceremony I cried like a baby!!!! I don't really cry a lot, but when I walked down the aisle and held Steven's hands up at the alter, the happy tears started flowing for the both of us. Even though we had a small church ceremony the week before, this ceremony meant so much more because all of our families and closest friends were there. This was the big day we were both waiting for, and Steven's brother, Josh, did SUCH AN AMAZING job as our officiant. His words were perfect. The ceremony had the perfect amount of funny and sincerity. We wrote our own personal vows, and I'm not going to lie- I didn't write mine until 12:30a the night before LOL. Here's what I came up with:

"The twins used to tell me that I needed to find my perfect match. That person would be someone who’s tan like me, has cool hair, and wears cool shorts... well, at least you hit one of those requirements. 

But in all seriousness, Steven, I love with all of my heart. I love everything about you. I love the way you laugh when you tell a joke that no one else find funny, but you. It sounds like, "heheheheheh" / a stoner laugh.
I love the way you laugh when you find something that's really funny to you.. . It's a gasping for air/dorky laugh. And I love the way you laugh when you find something genuinely funny, which sounds like my laugh.

You’ve seen me through some of my toughest times over the past few years. Through each of those moments you let me ugly cry on you,  you supported me, you picked up my broken pieces and pushed me to be great. 

I never felt more loved than in those moments, and I promise to give you that same unconditional love for the rest of my life.

Steven Carl Thomas English, I can’t wait to be your wife (again) and I promise to always swipe right with you on whatever adventure you want do in our life."

I've never happy cried before until I said my vows....

Anyways, at the reception, Steven' dad sang our first dance song, which was "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran. The food was SO BOMB. Shout out to Avian's House Catering for making the most delicious food. Here's a breakdown of the menu: for cocktail hour we had the most succulent and flavorful salt and pepper chicken wings that EVERYONE couldn't stop talking about. I ate a ton of lumpia, too. For our main dinner course we had Kalua pork that had the crispiest skin, shrimp curry over cocunt rice (which was to die for), korean short ribs, mac salad, lo mein- Mmmmmmm my mouth is watering thinking about that meal!

Oooh I got super side tracked with the food there for a minute there LOL. Anyways, the best man, maid of honor, and man of honor speeches were sooooooooo good! We laughed and cried, then laughed again!

The reception was so much fun. I changed into the tradional Vietnamese dress half way through the reception to greet all of our guests.BTW,  it's Vietnamese tradition that at each table we do a shot with everyone, and we had 27 tables! As the shots came around, I took a sip of the Remy Martin, then passed it back to our bridal party LOL. Needless to say we all were feeling good at the end of the night. My friends, Deidra and Caleb from Coin-Op Downtown, were so kind to take the night off and bartend for us. They created our delicious signature drinks, "The Trangerine Dream" (vodka, passionfruit) and "The English Accent" (Whiskey, lime, honey). My friend, Klifton, was our DJ and he had the party so LIT! We had soooooo much fun dancing with everyone. 

I couldn't have imagined a better night. My face hurt the next day from laughing and smiling so much. I'm gonna be that weird bride that watches her recap vid over and over again just because it was such a great time. LOL The guys at Blue Tiger Films turned it around the next day, and I love it!  I hope you enjoy it too:

It's hard to believe after all those months of planning, the day is over. I loved every minute of it... now what's next for Dorothy & Steven? Who knows, but I hope you'll be there with us for the adventure :)