How to Talk To Your Kids About The Protests

Dorothy talked to school psychologist Chelsea Gould about the best way to approach this subject with your kids.

June 1, 2020
Talking to your kids

A lot is happening in our country and in our city right now. Protests have been going on for days now, and you can't go anywhere without hearing/seeing/reading about it. So how do we talk about this very important subject with our kids? 

I talked to Chelsea Gould, a parent and school psychologist in San Diego on how to do that. Take a listen:

Chelsea gave me some great resources for you to refer to when approaching this subject with your children. The San Diego County of Education has a page full of resources for parents, students, and educators. 

You can also watch the following YouTube videos:

If you have younger children, here are some read- aloud books you can watch with your kids: