Happy Headline: Stranger Surprises 94-year-old Street Vendor with $81,000

July 14, 2020
Tamale cart

Get ready to feel all the feels with this heart-warming video! Kenia lives in Santa Ana, California and one day she started chatting up a 94-year-old tamale street vendor named Joel. She found out that Joel uses an old wheel chair to get around and has been having a hard time making ends meet. So, Kenia decided she wanted to help him out somehow. 

Kenia started fundraising and was able to buy Joel a new wheelchair, new shoes, and gave him $81,000 she receieved in donations!! Check out the sweet moment where Kenia surprised Joel below.

(Santa Ana, California): A complete stranger, Kenia, surprised this tamale street vendor, who says he’s 94, with $81,000 she raised for him. In their first meeting, they chatted and he told how he was having a hard time making ends meet, so Kenia decided to take it on herself to help out— she bought him new shoes, wheelchair and this donation which, as you can see in the video, touched this sweet man! #streetvendorappreciation #kindness ## (Santa Ana, California): Este vendedor de tamales que dice tener 94 años fue sorprendido por una chica con un cheque de $81,000 USD. Kenia no lo conocía pero un día empezó a hablar con el y cuando supo que estaba teniendo dificultades recaudó fondos para sorprenderle y también le compró una nueva silla de ruedas y nuevos zapatos.

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